Song a Day 2019

This is the twelfth year of the song a day projects hosted by Chris Greacen at How time flies!

I joined in the first year, and did that in an attempt to encourage Derek Greenberg to participate. He, after all, was already an excellent songwriter. I’d never completed a song save for a couple novelty tunes.

“Skiing Bells” sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells” was pretty good, and I wish I still had the words but I was 12 years old and stuff gets lost.

I have participated in nearly all the years, and all of them since 2012. One of my goals from the beginning was to strive to write songs I might actually perform at a later time. as it turns out I’ve succeeded. Most of the originals I sing now are song a day songs.

Many years I’ve intended to go into the month with some overlying concept, either in theme or technique. I haven’t managed it yet.

2019 I have even less idea of what is going to happen than in past years. I have significantly less time to work on songs so I will be abandoning all thought of making recordings sound good. Stick a mic in front of something and push the record button is the method. In a way this is what I want to do anyway: for me it’s always been, at least in theory, about the song and not the sound of the recording. It doesn’t mean I haven’t fussed a lot with sounds and arrangements.

Let’s begin.

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